A downloadable game

Yep :) This is 1001st version of well known Breakout game. And if you want to recall your childhood memories and kill some time, this game will try to help you.
The game is 80% ready and will be finished in about a month (May-June 2015). You will find a lot of different levels, bosses, enemies, talent tree, score-combos, bonus-combos and a other fun stuff.


At the current stage of development we've already implemented:
  • 60 Levels, 2 Bosses, different enemies, moving bricks, shooting towers, shooting ball towers and different stuff;
  • color combos, score combos, rockets, earthquake and a lot of different bonuses;
  • rating system, talent tree;
  • sound effects and music;

What features we are planning to add

  • more interesting sound effects and soundtracks;
  • 150++ new levels, new bosses, several worlds;
  • more power-ups and some power-downs;
  • more & better art;
  • if everything will be ok, we are planning to make Ubuntu & Mac support;
  • and ,of course, the game won't be the game without Crazy Cow...Muhahahaha...
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Published Mar 19, 2015
StatusIn development